Bajkoterapia – jak bajki wspomagają terapię dzieci?

A variation of bibliotherapy for children is fairy tale therapy, which works particularly well for children aged 4-12. Fairy tale therapy uses specially selected therapeutic fairy tales that address various emotional issues. The main premise of this method is to use specially chosen fairy tales that help children understand, resolve, and cope with various emotional and social challenges. In fairy tale therapy, participants are encouraged to actively immerse themselves in the world of stories. They embody characters from the tales, identify with them, and go through various situations together. This allows children to acquire valuable social, emotional, and cognitive skills that influence their development. The method of treating with fairy tales is based on the theories of Bruno Bettelheim, and in Poland, a pioneer in this field is Maria Molicka."

Fairy tale therapy doesn't require complex tools or exclusively specialized support – parents, teachers, or caregivers can also successfully use this method in various situations.

W bajkoterapii występują trzy rodzaje bajek: 

A) Psychotherapeutic fairy tales - focus on presenting emotional and social problems that the characters face. Children, by identifying with the characters and their experiences, can better understand their own emotions and reactions. Psychotherapeutic fairy tales are an effective tool for working with fears, anger, shyness, or feelings of rejection.

B) Psychoeducational fairy tales - aimed at conveying knowledge and values that are essential for a child's development. They teach how to handle various life situations, providing them with the knowledge and skills necessary for functioning in society. These can be fairy tales about safety rules, social skills, health care, or conflict resolution.

C) Relaxation fairy tales - aim to reduce tension, anxiety, and stress and provide children with a moment of relaxation. Relaxation fairy tales tell about calm and soothing situations that allow children to unwind and relax. While reading these fairy tales, children can immerse themselves in a peaceful world, which helps them release their daily emotional experiences.