Our mission

Culture of Mind is dedicated to all those seeking valuable therapeutic and supportive materials for children and youth. We support Polish culture and its creators engaged in the preparation of materials, and the service does not assume randomness in content selection; they represent high quality and support original literary and musical works for children, youth, and adults.

The content of art therapy in Culture of Mind involves the integration of music therapy with bibliotherapy.

We combine original literary and musical content with expert knowledge. In a unique and exceptional way, we address the educational needs: developmental, emotional, and social of every individual, especially children. This is achieved through psychological mechanisms that accompany people regardless of their geographical location because it arises from their spiritual and psychological needs.

Fighting real threats

Our therapeutic studies address real threats and phenomena that negatively impact human functioning in the modern world. The service supports the formation of valuable attitudes—coping with difficulties and fears, building personal resources, creating friendly and respectful relationships with other people—and also addresses the issues of the modern world, digital and virtual threats, which often negatively destroy self-esteem, take away the sense of security, and introduce violence and aggression.

We support Polish culture

Creating an art therapy service with a diverse range of materials in this area will contribute to promoting Polish culture globally in a functional and real way, which through practical activation of the audience will impact the standard quality of their lives. The audience will have the opportunity to follow modern artistic expression through the use of modern technology in Polish culture through art therapy.